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Yours, Truly.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

To My Newly Single Friend

It will be okay.

You know it will, that's what you hear every time something goes a little off track. Somewhere along the line it must be true.

You want compliments and reassuring pats on your pious shoulder. Honeylove, that's not me and you know it. I will tell you the truth, I will always tell you the truth--whether or not you can handle it.

...And the truth is:

It wasn't right. Not that it was wrong, that boy and you together making waves. But it was never going to reach the tsunami proportions of Love.

There will be bathwater boys and deep sea romance, and it will come...

Just, keep swimming.
Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

Yours, Truly.

PS. At least now you've got some experience below the belt under your belt! :p

Monday, August 23, 2010

How YOU doin'?

Mmmm... oh hey you.

Thank goodness you're here, I was about to get desperate!

You know, I am acquainted with some people who have not discovered the joys of your touch.... poor things. What gets me is your versatility, if I want to be warmed up, you get to rubbin'--- I'm feeling frisky and you tickle me juuuuust right.

I see you're trying a new look, and what's that I smell? cha-cha-cherry?? Yum, get over here you stimulating strumpet.

I want you to rub me down and get me off. Don't you go slipping out the door now, just once is never enough... Like the Eurythmics sing it, I want to use you baby.

Whatever your name is--and you have many--I want to say now on behalf of women everywhere, and okay, the men too... You make life better. You spend your days, and allll of your nights making people happy.

Hell, I bet that Mister Jiffy went into car repair just so he could appreciate you properly, get your name on a biiiiiig sign and smile one of those special secret smiles that you seem to elicit every time he looked up.

Babe, I don't say it enough but, I Love You.
(even if you don't always hang out with the best crowd, they're better for having you)

Kisses (to start with...) from
Yours, Truly.

[Testament to the greatness of Lubricant]

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Casual Romance

You are not what I'm used to. but I'm willing to try you on for size (not that size matters...).

You know, I like the idea of sharing, but, as we learn in kindergarten, the hard part comes when someone actually wants to borrow your new toy. I might not want to give it up...

But so far I am pleasantly surprised at how easy you are to handle. I feel like an octopus, with my "hands" getting up to no good wherever they want to. No strings, no guilt, no obligation.

Your name is so fitting. Casual, yes-- I can feel it in the easy swing of step, in holding hands, in my lips as I purr into a waiting ear...

...But Romance is not dead and gone. You're not on the same level as 'One Night Stand' over there, oggling my ass... You give me tingles. You don't need my full attention and commitment to do it either. High five for skilllllz.

Maybe I think too much, in fact , I know I do.... but I want to keep your warm breezes, your walking too close and your freshness. I want to be that kind of girl... for a little.

We both know it's not going to last forever.... so let's have some fun.
And maybe some french toast?

Yours, Truly.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Irrational Jealousy

You fiend. You creep seep slip into my heart. Or is it mind?
I don't understand where you come from.
If heart, then I admit to caring more than I want to, if mind, then I am petty and ridiculous.

I know, there is no justification. I know there is no reason. But I feel... too much.
I feel inadequate... insufferable, sentimental, freakish--foolish.
And hypocritical, no one likes to feel that.

I may deny you, but you will be there.
There to beat war-drums in my skull. To hot glue my hands into fists.
You will delight in your short-lived existence.

So have your fun, poking the back of my throat into lumpy oatmeal, far too sticky to swallow.
I will bide my time.
Working on my visualization, strengthening my rationality.
And damn your nationality!

I can think you out of sight.
Out of mind.
Out of heart.

You're nothing but my insecurity, my vanity, my possessive nature....

But always and somehow I am Yours. Truly.

PS. I still wish you wouldn't ruin my fun like this... come back on the 12th of never?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Meet Again....

You sir, are addictive.

I think you know, but in case no one has told you, that is the truth to a T-shape.

I watch from afar your manly corners moving, turning, settling, your day filling out perfectly--- when it's a good one....

You may be a liiittle square by some opinions, but I find you colourful and interesting, complex and captivating. I love to watch you do your thing.

I think the reason I can't look away is that I want to be more like you. Everything has it's place... I just need to learn to put things in the right places.

Don't listen to the haters, Tetris. You are so much better than Brick Breaker.

Love and long pieces....

Yours, Truly.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear Rick Astley

After you had that guerrilla stint of popping up everywhere and attacking the innocent with your 80's hair, a lot of people developed this rather large hate-on for you.

I am writing to say that I don't feel the same.

You inspire me, not only to improve my internet jack-in-the-box skills but also to hold on to what I believe in.
To stand up for the things and people I love and not worry about how ri-fuuuuckin'-diculous I look.
To treat people right.
To embrace the bouncy techno dance of life, however much people put it down.

Rick Astley, I'm never going to give you up.

Yours, Truly.