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Yours, Truly.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To Tears

Soft and salted caress, I know you're there; lurking just beneath the marble surface. The dark won't tell anyone you've come, it's safe now.

Tentatively at first, you're afraid someone might hear; might know that you haven't left town for good. No one wants you around, not even the one you've come to visit-- but once you arrive, you are invited in.

Embrace the swell of cheek and let yourself flow, you have no need to hide in the night, you can pour out your soul until you are empty-- begging to give more, but having only a dull ache left to give. Mingle with the whispered queries floating from trembling lips; shake with the fierce passion of loss and fear.

The world is a flat palm, holding its treasures. Sometimes the grief could sweep your rivers right off the face of the earth... into nothing. An eternity of falling, struggling for breath and getting lost in the rush of space.

You are at first a burden, and then a solace. Sometimes you could last forever.

But you end, like everything else. You do your part to soothe, to rage in tempestuous waves, to mend... and soon there is no place for you. The river has run dry and the heaving of earthly bodies slows to a mere tremble, a pulse.

Curving to envelop your absence,
Breath echoes your keening plea.
I thirst for you in hiccups;
And forever you indulge me.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

To those who stab pillows

I think I saw you in a movie (Along Came Polly) and from the first moment I realized your existence, I hated it. I am all for living on the wild side a little, but I pay good money for the things I choose to put in my house and STABBING my upholstery will NOT get you in my good graces.

Somehow when they wrote that movie script (from experience no doubt) they made it seem justifiable and endearing... which is sooo far from the reality.

"Oh you're so uptight, have fun with me destroying your property instead of giving it away or just telling me to mind my own fucking business!!!!"

"I am soooo like totally justified in commenting on your lifestyle in the first place!"

"Can I keep this knife to stab myself in the throat with later? Thanks!"

Wow you don't like my furnishings? Well I don't like your shirt, how about I just rip it to shreds to teach you a lesson in good taste? Does that sound reasonable?

Whoever you are, wherever you are... All of you who watched that movie and thought "awww humourous and romantic!" Know now that if you ever pull that shit on anyone with half a spine, we "uptight" people will shank a bitch.

That is all.

Yours Truly.