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Monday, January 3, 2011

Studies on Sleep

Tonight you elude me.
Forever your mysteries intrigue me.
I daydream (it's never enough):
You and I finally meet (the wait is excruciating) with no need for formalities.
You disarm me. Slowly.
We bathe, entwined in silence.
Only (my breath) filling the space between us.

- - -

The pilgrimage to your door is unpredictable and I, dressed for hunting, am sorely unprepared.
Like some mythical creature you stalk me, waiting to reveal yourself-- as always, at your leisure.
My fire burns low and red. The embers look like the insides of my eyelids, when the day rings harsh and you have left me.
I was never going to find you because you are never to be found.
And that, is the hardest part.
- - -

Touch me, I need it. I need you.
My body aches for your embrace.
It dwindles, slowly slumping into sporadic puddles of inappropriate emotion.
Wanting you more than any other basic need.
I can't think in straight lines, thoughts are singswoopjingleclomp-ing.
The face, whiskers askew, jeers at my plight.
Taunting, ticking, talking, tocking.
When will you arrive?
Touch me, I neeeeeeed it.

- - -

Postcard From My Mother:
Hello my Pumpkin.
I am trying the snail mail because you never answer my calls.
How is your sleep? You know it's so important!
Enjoy as much as you can.

Email To My Mother:
Hey Mommy,
Sleep is fine, it went on holiday for a bit, strangely at the same time I did. But has since returned and we are doing fine. I don't know what you're on about, I called you this past weekend. Remember we told you about our trip to Cartoon India and the flying carpet? And how I keep turning into a cat? And that doughnut sex tape?
Sometimes I think you don't care about my dreams.

Yours, Truly.

PS. Sleep says Hi to Daddy.

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