This is my Blogproject. Sit down, stay awhile. Feed the fish, and read some art.
If you like what you see or have any questions or critiques, please let me know.
Yours, Truly.

The Authoress


p.prn. Belonging to you; of you-- the possessive second person pronoun.
adj. Closing phrase--Written at the end of a letter, before the signature.


adv. sincerely, unfeignedly-- with sincerity; without pretense.
adv. genuinely, honestly-- in accordance with truth or fact or reality.

I Am A...

--24 year old female working in Ottawa Ontario (Canada)
--Sufferer of Crohn's Disease, resulting in one bad-ass scar.
--Lover and baker of sweet confections. Mousse parfaits. Cookies. Pie.
--Songwriter. Singer. Pianist. Musician.
--Poet and writer of both melancholia and ridiculousness.