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Friday, September 17, 2010

To Obnoxious Drunk People

I. Loathe. You.

Even when I too am drunk, I make a conscious effort NOT to violate the privacy and courtesy of others. If I *had* to be sick in an inopportune place, I would CLEAN IT THE FUCK UP.

Nothing excuses such behaviour as I have witnessed you execute. I don't care if you are also in possession of a Hot Accent, it does nothing for me when you stink of vodka and won't get out of my kitchen.

I would go out more and have fun more, and dance more and live more, if so many things weren't tainted by your noxious presence.

All I ask is that you learn your limit, and stop drinking more than you can handle. Just stay in your own space and out of mine, keep it the fuck down...

...And don't you *EVER* puke in my sink again.

You think you've seen me angry? Think again.

Yours, Truly.

PS. You smell like baby hobos, why you think that is going to make you attractive is beyond me.


  1. I think you should tell people this in person rather than posting it on a blog.

  2. yeah, I got it covered, but thanks.