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Sunday, March 21, 2010

To "Jacob", if that's even your real name.

Hi there. We met when I participated in a psychology study on games. You almost ran into me coming out of the elevator on the wrong floor, remember?

I thought you were nice looking and that you were excited about our trip to Africa. I thought you liked me for me.

Imagine my chagrin (yes, I am smart enough to use the word "chagrin" without sounding pretentious, so deal.) when I was informed that you were A CONFEDERATE. A lab volunteer who spends his days playing OUR games with other girls, and guys too!

How could you do this to me Jacob? My sweet, sweet Jacob who I spent exactly one hour with, ever. who is not even a little bit like a werewolf, I trusted you!

Anyway, I basically wrote to say you're hot that you have wounded my poor little heart, and I wish for you to get a splinter of wood, haha! in the near future, and think inexplicably of me.

Yours, Truly

Ps. you can totally still call me though...

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